Corona Virus

Update: 04/01/2021

Dear Patient,

Further to tonight’s announcement by the Prime Minister regarding a new national lockdown, we confirm that Norton Implants continues to remain open to provide its patients with their much needed dental care, in accordance with government policy. If under the circumstances you wish to postpone your appointment, please try to give us as much notice as you possibly can.

Clearly the dispensing of dental care requires an enhanced level of safety to mitigate against the transmission of the Sars Cov-2 virus. Existing patients will know that at Norton Implants we have always taken cross-infection control very seriously, providing the safest of environments that boasts hospital-grade sterilization area which complies with HTM-0105 regulations and is rigorously maintained and regularly serviced in accordance with the Care Quality Commission requirements. Since the start of the Pandemic we have added high quality hospital-grade, certified HEPA air filtration systems, which further help to reduce the risk for viral transmission.

At Norton Implants we are also already very familiar with the routine use of PPE necessary for many of our oral surgery procedures and so patients can again feel confident and assured that they and our staff are well protected. We have already significantly reduced the number of aerosol generating procedures (AGP) that we occasionally undertake such as when using the turbine air-driven drills or ultrasonic handpieces for scaling, and for now we will continue to only offer hand scaling with our hygienist. Nonetheless when an AGP is deemed essential we will be donning enhanced PPE for the added safety of all and to make sure we remain in line with regulatory guidance.

Before any patients can be seen, they will need to complete the COVID-19 Triage form on this page before their appointment and submit it to us. This will allow us to verify your COVID-19 status and thus the level of risk posed to both you and the practice staff if you were to attend for treatment. No patient will be seen unless they complete this form first. It is also possible that we will require you to submit to a COVID-19 swab or antibody test prior to your appointment to help us determine your status, since for many, the disease is asymptomatic.

We will see all those patients who desperately want to continue with their much needed dental treatment. However we ask for your cooperation as we continue to manage the diary to accommodate fallow times between appointments, prioritize treatments and request that all patients remain flexible and understanding while we navigate these requirements.

The practice will be following our COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), a copy of which you can find by clicking the icon below and which is based on a thorough Risk Assessment specifically carried out for our practice, our patients and the way we work. This SOP sets out the protocols for when patients attend the practice, such as submitting to a temperature test, waiting outside or in your car until your appointment is due, and so forth. The SOP is a very comprehensive document and not intended to be read in full by patients, but at the same time it will reassure you that we have taken into consideration all aspects of your journey through the practice, so feel free to read it all if you so wish. This SOP resonates closely with the latest recommendations from the British Dental Association who have determined that the optimal working document for guidance on all these matters is the recently published work titled Mitigation of Aerosol Generating Procedures in Dentistry – A Rapid Review.

Finally if you are a new patient and wish to plan for a future consultation or appointment, then please do use the enquiry form on the contact page or ring the surgery on 0207 486 9229, as we will certainly make every effort to see you at the earliest opportunity and want to welcome you to our world-renowned practice, where you will not only be assured of the safety described above, but also the highest standard of dental implant care anywhere the world has to offer. This is a boast based on our 30-year reputation, one we fiercely protect and are very proud of.

With thanks for your co-operation and understanding.
Michael R. Norton BDS FDS RCS(Ed)


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