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Patient Comments


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My dental history has been a long, often painful and unhappy one. From my early twenties when my teeth started to trouble me, they were maintained with root canal treatments, crowns and bridges.

In my 50s my local dentist told me I would need a denture. Horrified I looked for alternatives in my native Germany but was told that I had insufficient bone in the molar area of my upper jaw to support implants. Back in England a friend recommended me to see Dr. Norton and, from the first consultation, I had confidence in Michael and his team. After a lengthy examination he confirmed that my case was not straightforward but that a fixed solution could be found. This year I am celebrating 10 years with my implants and can honestly say that they have felt part of me from day one.

It is therefore no surprise that when my lower bridgework started to fail, I once again turned to Michael for help. The work has now been done and the implants have settled well. Thanks to Michael's skill and experience I can look forward with confidence to a trouble-free future.

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