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Patient Comments


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During my own professional career I have had the good fortune to work with a lot of very able people both clients and colleagues. When therefore some 10 years ago it was suggested that implants, a new concept to me, could be the solution to my particular dental problem, I was keen to deal with someone who really knew what they were doing. I was recommended to Michael by my doctor, whose wife had firsthand experience of his work. It was a good recommendation.

I have been very happy with the original and subsequent additional treatment I have received. I like Michael's careful, thorough and systematic approach. He explains any proposed treatment and associated risks fully. He seems to me to take pride in getting things right and expects the highest standard of those technicians and others with whom he works. I am no dental expert but with Michael I feel in the hands of a top professional, whose knowledge, equipment and colleagues are "state-of-the- art" and inspire great confidence.

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