I have enormous gratitude for Dr. Michael Norton for solving my dental implant problem. For 4 years I suffered considerable dental pain due to a badly fitted dental implant from a different dentist.

Originally, a specialist in periodontics replaced my missing tooth with a dental implant. The area around the implant screw immediately became very painful and kept going septic. As a result, over two years I had to endure seven operations in an attempt to remedy the problem, two of which were under general anesthetic, and many antibiotics. I was told that if the implant was removed I would be left with a communicating hole between my mouth and my sinus which could result in fluid coming out of my nose every time I took a drink and so I was very reluctant to have the implant removed.

Despite being patient, I was still in pain and not able to chew nor sleep, and thus desperately looked for help. I sought many opinions and visited specialists in fields including maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, endodontic, dental imagery, Eastman Dental Hospital, a facial pain specialist, and clinical psychology. One and half years later I was still in pain and still facing the same dilemma that if I removed the implant I could be left with a big problem. I had seven long reports advising me to take neuromodulator medicine including antidepressants to deal with the pain and I was constantly advised not to remove the implant as I could suffer more pain and the problems of liquid draining out of my nose.

Then came the recommendation by my GP to see dental implant specialist Dr. Norton. At my first consultation, Dr. Norton created a plan for the removal of the implant and was completely confident that he could deal with the sinus issue which he considered routine. He gave a full explanation as to why the implant never healed properly in the first place. I felt very confident in accepting the advice of Dr. Norton, and even agreed to have a new implant fitted in place of the bad one, despite all the trauma suffered over the past years.

The treatment went without a hitch and now one year later, I am so pleased to say that I am happily smiling with the perfect new implant fitted by Dr. Norton and have no pain at all and absolutely no problems with my sinus. I am incredibly grateful.

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I have been seeing Viagra in vendita online since 1995. Back then I was a vain 43 year old horrified by the reality that I faced wearing dentures for the rest of my life.

The alternative was dental implants, and now many years later every single tooth in my mouth has been implanted by Michael, bar one. I have to admit that the thought of having to go through all that treatment scared me like you cannot imagine.

Michael recommended an incredible anaesthetist to me, and I have to say that after I had my first sedation I actually looked forward to having my treatment. Along with Linda being constantly by my side and always ensuring everything was running smoothly, they really make a super slick team. They certainly deserve their world class reputation. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of my treatment was that thanks to Michael’s thoroughness he helped to save my life by discovering that I suffered from life-threatening high blood pressure. I owe him an everlasting debt.

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As a child I lost my two front teeth. For years I wore a temporary denture and then a stick-on bridge, which was fine until it started to come loose. Eventually I decided it was time to get a more permanent fixed solution so I went to see Michael. His facilities, treatment and skill were second to none and he delivered a remarkable result. My implants are indistinguishable from my own teeth and after 5 years I can honestly say that I never think about them, they are not like my own teeth, they ARE my own teeth.

Michael made the treatment very simple to understand, he even made immediate temporary crowns to go on the implants the same day they were placed, so from day one I had new fixed teeth, no waiting and no fuss. It was genuinely a pain free process. I simply have no complaints and only praise for both Michael and his dedicated team.

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In 2005 at the age of just 18 I was referred to Dr Norton to have implants to replace my congenitally missing lateral incisors. As a young girl, missing two of my front teeth was really hard to accept and I was very keen to have implants at the earliest opportunity. Dr Norton explained that placing implants too early could be a risk since the implants would not move with the growth of my jaw but he explained that the crowns could be replaced at a later date if they began to appear too short. To be honest the implants looked great for a long time but recently I had had my teeth whitened and I wanted to have the crowns replaced to be longer, as anticipated, but also to be whiter. It was an easy decision to track down Dr Norton and see if I could get new crowns made, because I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my implants. After all they had been in function and trouble free for 7 years so I didn’t want anyone else touching them.

It’s amazing to have my new crowns, they look fantastic. As always the practice was very attentive to my needs and even though I had quite high aesthetic demands both Linda and Dr Norton made the whole process easy, being very sympathetic to my expectations. Dr Norton really is a perfectionist and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his first class team to anyone.

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During my own professional career I have had the good fortune to work with a lot of very able people both clients and colleagues. When therefore some 10 years ago it was suggested that implants, a new concept to me, could be the solution to my particular dental problem, I was keen to deal with someone who really knew what they were doing. I was recommended to Michael by my doctor, whose wife had firsthand experience of his work. It was a good recommendation.

I have been very happy with the original and subsequent additional treatment I have received. I like Michael’s careful, thorough and systematic approach. He explains any proposed treatment and associated risks fully. He seems to me to take pride in getting things right and expects the highest standard of those technicians and others with whom he works. I am no dental expert but with Michael I feel in the hands of a top professional, whose knowledge, equipment and colleagues are “state-of-the- art” and inspire great confidence.

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My dental history has been a long, often painful and unhappy one. From my early twenties when my teeth started to trouble me, they were maintained with root canal treatments, crowns and bridges.

In my 50s my local dentist told me I would need a denture. Horrified I looked for alternatives in my native Germany but was told that I had insufficient bone in the molar area of my upper jaw to support implants. Back in England a friend recommended me to see Dr. Norton and, from the first consultation, I had confidence in Michael and his team. After a lengthy examination he confirmed that my case was not straightforward but that a fixed solution could be found. This year I am celebrating 10 years with my implants and can honestly say that they have felt part of me from day one.

It is therefore no surprise that when my lower bridgework started to fail, I once again turned to Michael for help. The work has now been done and the implants have settled well. Thanks to Michael’s skill and experience I can look forward with confidence to a trouble-free future.

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I recently required an implant and was introduced to Dr Norton by my former periodontist back in California. Having always taken good care of my teeth, I couldn’t understand how it happened that I would need to have a lower front tooth removed due to a rare condition called resorption. I was very fortunate to learn that Dr Norton was an expert in this field and conveniently based here in London where I now lived. The procedure was surprisingly painless, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. I have since introduced several friends to his practice.

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