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Patient Comments


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I have been seeing Michael Norton Norton since 1995. Back then I was a vain 43 year old horrified by the reality that I faced wearing dentures for the rest of my life.

The alternative was dental implants, and now many years later every single tooth in my mouth has been implanted by Michael, bar one. I have to admit that the thought of having to go through all that treatment scared me like you cannot imagine.

Michael recommended an incredible anaesthetist to me, and I have to say that after I had my first sedation I actually looked forward to having my treatment. Along with Linda being constantly by my side and always ensuring everything was running smoothly, they really make a super slick team. They certainly deserve their world class reputation. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of my treatment was that thanks to Michael's thoroughness he helped to save my life by discovering that I suffered from life-threatening high blood pressure. I owe him an everlasting debt.

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