Peri-implant Mucositis

This condition is the first sign that things are not well with the soft tissues, there being an inflammation with associated bleeding and pocket formation where the attachment between the mucosa and the titanium abutment has been weakened. Typically when probing around the implant there will be spontaneous bleeding and the mucosa may be tender. The gum is more red/mauve and less pink in colour. However the bone underneath is unaffected and there is no evidence of pus or an infection.

Usually we treat this condition conservatively with antimicrobial solutions and topical antibiotics. This can often be achieved without recourse to any anaesthetic, but for the more tender sites a simple local anaesthetic is all that is required. This condition can often recur and any potential causes for the inflammation such as excess dental cement may need to be addressed to prevent recurrence. In any event, close monitoring and repeat therapy may be indicated on a four or six monthly basis.