Peri-implant Health

The health of the gum tissue around an implant (called mucosa) is essential to the long term functional health of the implant itself since this creates a protective boundary that ensures the bone, which has bonded to the implant, is well maintained. Research has actually shown that there is an attachment between the deeper tissue compartment of the mucosa and titanium via special bridges called hemi-desmosomes and these are thought to play an essential role in the stability of this zone.

Many factors can lead to inflammation and /or disease of the mucosa and bone including but not restricted to poor oral hygiene, smoking, genetic predisposition, ill-fitting crown and bridgework and/or excess dental cement. The result of this inflammation is a condition termed peri-implant mucositis which is recognized as an early warning for a deeper more serious problem called peri-implantitis which is more correctly defined as an infection of the bone supporting the implant.