Mechanical Failures

Dental implants are remarkably small pieces of engineering placed under incredibly high loads and used on a constant basis. Indeed the forces applied to dental implants under clenching, biting and grinding are immense. Being made of metal and being generally modular in design where one piece screws into another, they are prone to dynamic wear and fatigue just as you might expect from any such system. Unfortunately this can result in mechanical failure with parts fracturing often without warning.

Removing fractured screws from within the implant can be a difficult and time consuming affair, which requires great patience and skill. Unfortunately if one fails to remove the fractured fragment or indeed the implant itself has fractured, then there is no option but to remove the implant. This unfortunately involves cutting the implant out of the bone. The resultant defect can then be grafted and repaired, with the eventual possibility to replace a new implant should it be desirable.