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Dental Implants - The Procedure

It begins with a preliminary examination to decide whether implant treatment is a good solution in your case. We will explain what a dental implant is and you then have a diagnostic examination where scans and x-rays are taken to calculate the volume and quality of bone available. We also determine your general health and the condition of any existing natural teeth. It is essential that any dental problem, other than the one we are concerned with, be cleared up before implant treatment can begin.

Dental Implants - Installation

Dental Implant inserted into jawbone

This is when one or more titanium screws (implants) are painlessly inserted into the jawbone. The operation can be carried out under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation. You can also choose to have a general anaesthetic in hospital.

Surgery time is dependent on how many dental implants are being inserted and whether any bone grafting is required. A small amount of pain and swelling is normal in the first week after surgery. After a week the stitches are removed and the gum returns to normal within a day or two.

Dental Implants - Healing Period

The dental implants begin to literally fuse with the jawbone. You will not be aware that this is happening. Healing takes about three months.

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