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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is the alternative to routine reconstructions such as the fixed bridge or removable denture.

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A dental implant is a man-made substitute for the root of a natural tooth. It is the foundation for reconstruction.

A single dental implant consists of 2 main parts.

The first part is the implant - a titanium screw, inserted surgically into the jaw bone. When this implant has healed (fused with the bone) the second part can be connected.

The second part is the abutment - this abutment or post, fits into the implant and passes through the gum. It links the implant with the choice of prosthesis. This might be a single tooth or crown, as illustrated above, or a multiple tooth bridge or even a clip-on denture.

Advanced technology - implants are not a new idea. For generations man has striven to replace lost teeth by means of a fantastic variety of so-called implants. It seemed a logical theory to replace missing teeth by emulating the way they are formed naturally. It is only now, with modern technology and materials, that such an idea can become a reality.

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A success rate of between 95 to 100% - in our practice we only work with dental implants that demonstrate a high quality of research and documentation over a number of years. We have contributed to this documentation with an enviable success rate of between 95 to 100% for different treatment methods.

Quality of life - the high degree of predictability for dental implants ensures that we can confidently offer a more advanced alternative to conventional restorative techniques and help to enhance your quality of life.

Firm foundations - the osseointegrated approach using TITANIUM* implants ensures a firm and lasting bond with bone and provides a strong foundation to support replacement teeth over many years, possibly even a lifetime. They can give you a second chance to replicate what nature did in the first place.

Do not be alarmed. Titanium has the unique property of fusing with the bone tissue through a process of integration, and therefore becomes like part of the body in the process. This gives the dental implant its extreme strength of attachment.

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