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Paul Gunning FRCA Consultant Anaesthetist

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We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the services of such a well respected anaesthetist. Paul has a wealth of expertise experience in both general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. As an integral part of our team, he understands the needs of our more apprehensive patients and takes care to treat them according to the same mantra of comfort, respect, safety and professionalism that is central to the practice.

The requirements and procedures for general anesthesia and sedation are explained fully by our anaesthetists before any treatment begins.

Paul is registered with the General Medical Council, registration number 3333790.

Mala Siva MBBS FRCA CCST BSc Consultant Anaesthetist

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Mala is consultant anaesthetist at Charing Cross Hospital with a special interest in surgery involving the head and neck and therefore she has much experience in anaesthesia and sedation for people undergoing procedures in this area.

Sedation is carefully planned after patient consultation and titrated to each individual's needs. Patients are fully monitored throughout, and a calm and relaxing treatment ensured.

Mala is registered with the General Medical Council, registration number 4111696.

The Practice is dedicated to Implant Dentistry.

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